Life's Healthy Journey 

If not now, When?

Life's Healthy Journey was developed to provide the physician oversight, education, feedback and support need to empower each client to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  We specialize in life changing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs individualized to the patient's goals and needs.  Clients will be motivated and prepared to make a change in their lives toward better health and fitness. We are vested in our patients and will strive to exceed all expectations through fitness and nutrition.  Our expectations are that the patient is 100% committed to become healthier and educated so they may maintain that healthy lifestyle. 

What does this program offer?

*12 week lifestyle changing program led by a certified fitness professional and medically managed by a physician certified in women's health. 

*One on One sessions with a certified fitness instructor throughout the course of the program.

*Group sessions with other program participants including meal prep instruction, exercise, and group discussions.

*YMCA membership for the duration of the program.  

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